‘Myanmar’ spring-summer 2018 fashion show by LOA by Lidia Aguilera, inspired by Jossie Bliss, the lover who has no voice by Pablo Neruda  –who comes and goes in their poetic world. “He had dark skin, small feet, he decorated his hairstyles with yellow flowers, he dressed in white, he wore rings on his fingers and mouth, and he smoked big cigars.”

The designer brought us to colonial Burma in 1923 taken over by Neruda by presenting a collection that mixes oriental cultures with contemporary lines which they are not used to, via silhouettes inspired by the fusion of the lineage which lived together in the Burma from this period: British bourgeoisie vs. island-dwelling aboriginals.

Silk, linen and cotton jacquards are some of the fabrics used in order to add shape to delicate dresses and blouses. The key for the collection is focused on extreme lengths and volumes. Cropped or extra-long blouses, ‘midi’ or ‘maxi’ dresses, corsets that cinch in at the waist, or gatherings that generate oversized volumes. The superposition of items of clothing adds current nuances that play the role of lining underneath dresses, transparent skirts. Corsets that are fitted into blouses, exotic patterns on silk and handcrafted embroidery, add freshness to cotton items of clothing.

I would highlight the gatherings, the lace parts that are adjusted to the silhouette, the small wooden pieces that decorate elaborate blouses and dresses, the see-through areas, and the oriental embroidery, like key elements in order to embellish and sophisticate the items of clothing. The contemporary air that the wide-legged or ankle-grazer maxi trousers with technical fabrics or cotton and maxi ones.  

Fashion Show “Spring Summer 2018”  presented at “080 Fashion Barcelona”